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Curad Kids Cupcake Assorted Bandages 20/Ct
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    Brand: Curad

    • Curad Kids Cupcake Assorted Bandages 20/Ct

      Part #: 922-91122

    • $1.25


    • Kids Decorative Bandages - Fun & Effective First Aid Solutions

      When it comes to tending to life's little boo-boos, our Kids Decorative Bandages offer more than just protection. These bandages are designed to make the healing process both effective and enjoyable.

      Our fun and engaging bandage designs cater to various age groups and genders. These decorative bandages are not only a reliable choice for all-purpose protection but also a source of delight for your little ones during the healing process. Each box of our Kids Decorative Bandages includes:

      • Twelve 1" x 1" bandages - Ideal for small cuts and scrapes
      • Eight 3/4" x 3" bandages - Perfect for covering larger areas

      Our bandages are crafted to be long-lasting and durable, ensuring they stay securely in place. They provide all-purpose protection, guarding against dirt and germs. With a 4-sided seal, they offer comprehensive wound protection. These bandages are also 2x more absorbent when compared to their dry weight, promoting the healing process.

      By choosing our Kids Decorative Bandages, you not only ensure the safety and well-being of your child but also add a touch of joy to their healing journey. Elevate your child's healing experience with our Kids Decorative Bandages - a blend of fun and effectiveness that's perfect for every little adventurer.

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