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Burn Care Module - Coastal
  • Product Specifications:

    Shipping Weight: 0.66 pounds

    Brand: Fieldtex Products

    • Burn Care Module - Coastal

      Part #: 912-CCPMOD5

    • $34.50


    • Supplies designed to restock the Coastal Cruising Pak First Aid kitNylon and vinyl pouch not included, items delivered in a ziplock bag.

      Kit Supplies List:

      • 6 Burn Pad 4" x 4"
      • 6 Burn Jel 1/8 oz. Packettes
      • 4 Roll Gauze 4" Sterile
      • 2 Burn Spray Pump Bottle 4 oz

      Burns are extremely painful and can be serious if left unattended. Thankfully most first and second-degree burns will completely heal within one to two weeks. Burns that cause some form of skin discoloration will require more time for the skin to return to its normal color, but the pain will subside normally.

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