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AeroPlast Fabric Bandages 1" x 3"-Box/50
  • Product Specifications:

    Shipping Weight: 0.20 pounds

    Brand: AeroPlast

    Dimensions: 1" x 3"
    • AeroPlast Fabric Bandages 1" x 3"-Box/50

      Part #: 922-91104BX50

    • $4.50


    • AeroPlast brand premium weight fabric bandages use Superbond™ adhesive to stay attached all day. This product is ideal for wound protection for athletes, or anyone on-the-go who needs durability and doesn't want to worry about changing their bandage or having it fall off. Includes 50 1” x 3” latex-free fabric bandages. These bandages ill help protect wounds from getting contaminated with dirt or infectious bacteria. Stock up with these high-quality bandages and keep yourself and others protected. Each bandage is individually wrapped to preserve sterility and prevent contamination.

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