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Sterile Burn Dressing 8x8
  • Product Specifications:

    Brand: Dukal

    Dimensions: 8"x8"
    • Sterile Burn Dressing 8x8

      Part #: 922-90804

    • $5.75


    • Hydrogel burn dressings are sterile and provide excellent care for first degree burns. These dressings provide hydration, protection from contamination and infection, allowing the burn to heal properly and comfortably. The cooling gel helps relieve pain while revitalizing skin. Dressing protects injury from the elements while providing time for the injury to heal. This is a non-adhesive dressing and will require a secondary bandage or tape to keep it secure. This dressing is not for use with second or third-degree burns. These burns need to be assessed and treated by a medical professional.

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