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Buy Discount First Aid Supplies offers an assortment EMS gear and cheap first aid kit and bag on clearance. Get professional grade gear and discount medical supplies at an affordable price.
  • What Emergency Supplies Should I Have?
  • Emergencies can happen any time, anywhere, so it is very important to be prepared for the emergencies relevant to you. Some of the most versatile emergency supplies to have around the house, in your workplace, or vehicle are: A tourniquet, first aid EMS & bag, a fire extinguisher, a CPR mask, a combine pad or other hemostatic dressing, and a splint and sling.

  • What Equipment do Ambulances Carry?
  • Ambulances carry different medical supplies based off the qualifications of the personnel and whether the ambulance is for Basic Life Support, or Advanced Life Support. In general, amublances carry equipment to care for severe bleeding, suffocation, heart failure, neck and spine trauma, patient transport, severe burns, and fractures.