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Biohazard Personal Protection Kit
  • Product Specifications:

    Shipping Weight: 0.10 pounds

    Brand: Fieldtex

    Dimensions: 9"W x 12"H
    • Biohazard Personal Protection Kit

      Part #: 911-10990

    • $10.50


    • The Biohazard Personal Protection Kit has all of the necessary personal protective equipment necessary to address a biohazard situation. The mask and face shield protect your mouth, nose, and eyes from infectious materials, while the gown and shoe covers prevent the spread of the materials. The gloves and bio-waste bag allow for the safe and sanitary disposal of the material. Keep yourself and others safe by properly handling and disposing of biohazardous materials. A biohazard is any biological material that poses a threat to human life or the surrounding environment.

      Supply Assortment

      • 1 10 Gal. Bio-Waste Bag
      • 1 Pair Lg Nitrile Gloves
      • 1 Mask With Eye Shield
      • 1 Polycoated Protection Gown
      • 2 Alcohol Hand Wipes
      • 1 Pair Non-Conductive Shoe Covers

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