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Thumb Finger Splint 3-3/4 in. X-Large
  • Product Specifications:
    • Thumb Finger Splint 3-3/4 in. X-Large

      Part #: 922-00605

    • $2.70


    • The Thumb or Finger Splint immobilizes extremities to facilitate healing, provide support, or to prevent reinjury. The lightweight aluminum protects injuries to fingertips or thumbs. Immobilize an injury while you heal from a sprain, fracture, or use to limit range of motion from chronic conditions like arthritis. This product is lightweight and easy to use. To use, place the splint on the affected area and mold to the desired shape, then secure the splint with medical tape or desired wrap. Thumb and finger injuries are common. Be prepared in the event of an injury and store this in your home, office or factory first aid kit, athletic trainer bag, or EMS bag.

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