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SOF Wide Tactical Tourniquet - Black
  • Product Specifications:

    Brand: SOF

    • SOF Wide Tactical Tourniquet - Black

      Part #: 922-99908 - BLACK

    • $35.99


    • The latest advancement in SOF® Tourniquets redefines excellence in prehospital care. Thoughtful enhancements ensure the most efficient bleeding control with both one-handed and two-handed applications, setting a new standard in tourniquet performance.

      Crafted from years of intensive research, rigorous material testing, and invaluable feedback from real-world users, both in combat and civilian scenarios, its innovative design consistently adapts to meet your evolving medical response demands. The SOF® Tourniquet, engineered for peak performance, effortlessly slides over an arm or leg and features a quick-release buckle for easy application on hard-to-access areas like trapped limbs, ensuring optimal bleeding control precisely when you need it most.

      To refine the SOF® Tourniquet, the manufacturer actively sought insights from users about their real-world experiences and desired features. This valuable feedback directly influenced its enhanced design and performance. The result is a tourniquet that is stronger, lighter, and more user-friendly, empowering you to effectively control bleeding in any situation life presents.

      1) Performance Compression Band
      Completely redesigned webbing maximizes compression during the application process. At a true 1.5" width, the new performance material glides through the Rugged Buckle for quick, snag-free operation and minimizes loss of pressure over time after application.

      2) Slack Indicator Wedge
      Stitched into the Performance Compression Band below the windlass. The contrasting wedge offers a visual confirmation you have pulled all excess slack from the band. This is a critical step for proper tourniquet application and results in fewer windlass rotations required to reach occlusion.

      3) Rugged Buckle
      Engineered to remove excess slack in a single fluid motion. The buckle's shape stabilizes the Performance Compression Band at any angle of engagement. The new Rugged Buckle is an advanced, lightweight composite design with superior strength over previous versions.

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