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Medique APAP Non-Aspirin Tablets (12pks/bx)
  • Product Specifications:
    • Medique APAP Non-Aspirin Tablets (12pks/bx)

      Part #: 922-91130

    • $2.25


    • Commissary Pack: 12 packets of 2 Acetaminophen tablets in each box.

      APAP (compare active ingredients to Tylenol) provides aspirin-free relief from pain and discomfort associated with colds, arthritis, headache, muscle ache, menstrual cramps, and fever. It can effectively be used as a pain reliever and fever reducer. Acetaminophen is considered a better pain reliever than Aspirin because Apirin has the side effect of thining ones blood but this issue is not a side effect of Acetaminophen found in APAP

      **Active ingredient (in each tablet): Acetaminophen 325 mg

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