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Curved Finger Splint Small 1.5" Pack of 12
  • Product Specifications:

    Brand: DJO

    • Curved Finger Splint Small 1.5" Pack of 12

      Part #: 922-00601PK12

    • $21.85


    • The Curved Finger Splint is designed to fit around the finger in a comfortable way, immobilizing it in a semi-flexed position to prevent the tendons from stiffening. 1.5" long splints come in a pack of 12. Small finger splints immobilize and protect dislocated joints, sprains, and fractured phalanges. These are foam lined, aluminum splints that contour to the finger for comfort. The aluminum backing is lightweight but durable, allowing for comfortable and effective stabilization of injured fingers. Use finger splints to help reduce pain and prevent further damage until proper medical attention can be attained.