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Curved Finger Splint Large 4"
  • Product Specifications:

    Shipping Weight: 0.25 pounds

    Brand: DJO

    • Curved Finger Splint Large 4"

      Part #: 922-00603

    • $2.60


    • This finger splint is designed for large fingers. It is 4 long and comes in two pieces to conform to all finger shapes. Designed to immobilize and protect dislocated joints and fractured phalanges. Includes two sturdy strips of aluminum, one lined with foam. These foam-lined, aluminum splints contour to the finger and immobilize it in a comfortable position to improve the healing process. Keeping the finger in a semi-flexed position prevents the tendons from getting overly-stiff, letting it get back to normal function faster after the splint is removed.

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