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Safetec Ammonia Inhalant Towelettes 10ct
  • Product Specifications:
    • Safetec Ammonia Inhalant Towelettes 10ct

      Part #: 922-91133

    • $5.99


    • We offer smelling salts for sale in a compact unitized design for easy use. Ammonia packets are used to restore consciousness. To administer, simply hold the first aid smelling salts under a personís nose to quick start their consciousness.

      More convenient than ammonia sticks or ammonia capsules, our design is made from top-of-the-line materials our towelettes are a must-have for every first aid kit.

      With 10 unitized packets, administer smelling salts for fainting in the home or in the workplace. If someone is feeling light-headed, our ammonia inhalants will be a relief to have on hand.

      -Respiratory stimulant
      -Fast acting
      -Easy-to use
      -0.7g per pouch

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