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Medication Refill Kit
  • Product Specifications:

    Shipping Weight: 0.12 pounds

    Brand: Fieldtex Products

    • Medication Refill Kit

      Part #: 911-10981

    • $8.99


    • Revitalize your first aid kits with our Medication Refill Kit, designed to restock and replace the medications in your first aid kit. Each medication packet is pre-proportioned and clearly labeled for easy identification. Whether it's motion sickness, fever, headaches, allergies, or stomach pain, we've got you covered.

      You will find this first aid kit refill solution perfect for emergency kits, medicine cabinets, or bug out bags. Ensure your office or vehicle first aid kits are always well-stocked. Order now and stay ready for life's unexpected moments.

      Medications Included In Kit:

      • 2 Chlorphen, (Antihistamine)
      • 4 Diamode, (Anti-Diarrea)
      • 8 Diotame, 4-2/PKs (Antacid)
      • 2 Diphen, (Antihistamine)
      • 8 I-Prin, 4-2/PKs (Ibuprophen)
      • 4 Medi-Meclizine, (Motion Sickness)
      • 8 APAP, 4-2/PKs (Acetaminophen)
      • 8 Advil, 4-2/PKs (Ibuprofen)

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