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Curad Sports Tape 96/Ct
  • Product Specifications:

    Brand: Curad

    • Curad Sports Tape 96/Ct

      Part #: 922-00464CS96

    • $147.99


    • This case includes 96 rolls of sports tape, perfect for athletic trainers or medical professionals looking to refill their supply. Curad Sports Tape is strong, durable, has a strong adhesive, and a high tensile strength. CURAD™ Tapes are designed to provide effective adhesion for many different functions. Helps prevent and treat sprains. Support for injuries, bandages and anchor cold compresses to keep hands free. Sports tape is an incredibly versatile medical tool for every type of medical professional. Keep your supply full so you never have to worry about failing to treat an injury whenever they may arise.

      Ideal for athletics and rehabilitation.