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10ct Safetec Ammonia Inhalant Towelettes
  • 10ct Safetec Ammonia Inhalant Towelettes

    Part #: 922-91133

  • $5.99


  • An easy-to-use respiratory stimulant that may be used to help and prevent dizziness and fainting, our Safetec Ammonia Inhalant Pouches are a respiratory stimulant (Towelette) made with 15% Ammonia.  This first aid Ammonia Inhalant is fast acting and easy to use.

    Simply tear open the packet and hold near the nostril to allow them to inhale the vapors. This will cause the patient to awaken or no longer feel faint. The single use packs make it easy to grab and use when needed. 

    -Effective for dizziness and fainting
    -Respiratory stimulant
    -Fast acting
    -Easy-to use
    -0.7g per pouch

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