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STAT O SEAL Washer (50/Bag)
    STAT O SEAL Washer (50/Bag)
    Purchase STAT O SEAL Washer (50/Bag)
    • STAT O SEAL Washer (50/Bag)
      Part #: 922-90528

    • $69.95


    • Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds

      Brand: Allied Healthcare Products

    • Nothing worse than arriving to a job and hooking up your O2 tank and hearing that "hiss" of a leaking regulator. These replacement Oxygen regulator seal Washers with brass outer ring manufactured by Allied health care under the stat O seal brand name. Should do the trick to fix that problem. To Install: -These washers fit between your conserver or regulator and the post on your tank. to install them shut the tank by turing the toggle switch.
      -Drain the oxygen then loosen the conserver set screw and remove it from your tank. You will see a brass coler " post" sticking out, that is where the washers fits.