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  • Product Specifications:
    • 2-Person STOP THE BLEED KIT

      Part #: 911-138792-11790

    • $205.00


    • 2-Person STOP THE BLEED KIT: Essential Life-Saving Supplies

      Introducing our comprehensive 2-Person STOP THE BLEED KIT – a must-have for emergencies and crucial for first aid preparedness. Designed to empower individuals with the tools needed to halt bleeding swiftly and effectively, this kit equips you to become a first responder in critical situations.

      Kit Contents:

      • Paramedic Scissors (Black) 2 Pairs: These high-quality paramedic scissors ensure precise cutting, enabling you to quickly access and manage wounds, clothing, and bandages.
      • 2 Sharpie Fine Point Markers: A versatile tool for marking important information on tourniquets, dressings, and bandages, aiding communication during high-pressure situations.
      • Krimptex Band Roll (4.5"x4.1 yds) 2 Rolls: This self-adherent bandage roll secures dressings and provides gentle compression to control bleeding, ensuring a secure and snug fit.
      • Nitrile Exam Gloves (Large) 2 Pairs: Protect yourself and others while providing assistance. These large-sized gloves offer comfort and dexterity, crucial for safe wound management.
      • 2 QuikClot Bleeding Control Dressings: Engineered to rapidly promote blood clotting, this advanced dressing is a game-changer in controlling severe bleeding and minimizing further risks.
      • 2 Black SOF Tactical Tourniques: Featuring a reliable design, this tourniquet allows quick application to limbs, effectively stopping excessive blood flow and stabilizing the situation.
      • 2 Bleed Kit Instruction Cards: A clear and concise guide outlining essential steps to take in life-threatening situations, ensuring even those with minimal medical training can provide effective aid.

      Empower yourself with the ability to take life-saving action when it matters most. Our STOP THE BLEED KIT equips you with the vital tools needed to manage bleeding incidents promptly and decisively. Whether for home, office, or travel, this kit is an indispensable addition to any first aid arsenal. Don't wait—prepare, respond, and save lives with confidence.

      Note: Contents and specifications are subject to change without notice as we continuously strive to improve our products based on the latest advancements in medical care and emergency response.