What is Pre-Wrap and How is it Used.

Red Foam Wrap

Some medical supplies serve multiple purposes. Pre-wrap, for one, has medical and non-medical uses. Athletes and non-athletes can find purposes for this soft, thin foam substance.

What is Pre-wrap?

Pre wrap is a thin, translucent foam substrate that is highly porous and strong. It comes in many colors, making it versatile for different uses. The foam is self-adherent, so it only sticks to itself. It is soft while being highly effective for many athletes’ needs.

Pre wrap is designed to help protect skin from skin irritation caused by tape and bandages, that may cause chafing or inflammation. It goes on before athletic tape to protect the area being bandaged. Pre-wrap can also be used to hold equipment or clothing in place. It can be used to hold socks or pads in place while competing. It can also act as a protective measure inside athletic footwear to prevent blistering.

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12 Common Uses for Pre-wrap

People can get really creative with pre wrap. We’ve found a lot of uses for pre wrap ourselves and have compiled a list of some useful and some entertaining manners to use pre-wrap.

  1. Apply before Medical Taping: This is the most common use for pre-wrap. Protect your skin from irritation and chafing. Wrap your ankle, knee, or another joint to protect your skin, then apply medical tape to stabilize an injury.
  2. Make a Headband: Some sports forbid headbands, so use pre-wrap as a makeshift headband.
  3. Hold up Athletic Socks/Clothing in Place: Prevent skin irritation and slippage by placing the foam wrapping under socks, shin guards, gloves or pads without sticky residue.
  4. Colorful Team Wear: Coordinate with your teammates with matching headbands or armbands. Or promote a cause like Breast Cancer Awareness with a pink accessory.
  5. Secure an Ice Pack: Ice a swollen area and prevent skin irritation. Place a layer of prewrap between the skin and the icepack, then wrap it around the affected area to keep it in place.
  6. Under a Helmet: Wear pre-wrap under your helmet to keep your gear firmly in place. Pre-wrap is breathable and
  7. Break in New Shoes Painlessly: Rather than limp around until your take the shape of your feet. Wrap the foam around your heel or the ball of your foot to prevent blistering.
  8. Decorations: Use the wrap as streamers to hang from the wall or the ceiling. This is perfect for sports teams or athletic themed parties.
  9. Mark a Trail: Use pre wrap as a trail marker. Tie a distinctive color around trees along your hike to mark your path so you can find your way back.
  10. Wrap Pen or Pencil: Customize your writing utensils with a custom grip. Use multiple colors to show your support for your sports team or simply choose your favorite colors. Artists and writers alike use this method to make a writing utensil the desired thickness.
  11. Make an Inexpensive Crafts: An easy and affordable alternative to tulle, use pre wrap for collages, wreaths, or another craft. Easily tear it to be exact size you’re looking for.
  12. Secure Your Laces During a Game or on a Run: Wrap around the arch of your foot to secure your laces so they will stay in place for the entirety of your athletics.

Pre wrap has a surprising number of uses. Whether you are an athlete or an avid crafter, you will no doubt find a use for sports wrap.

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