Get Ready to Go Back to School With e-first aid Supplies

As summer comes to an end it’s time for back to school shopping. This year make sure to add first aid kits to your shopping list. Our assortment of compact first aid kits are perfect for backpacks, desks and lockers. They are small so you can easily find supplies and you can take them with you anywhere. Our small first aid kits are under $10 and are stocked with supplies to treat minor injuries, from scrapes to bumps and bruises.

Fall Sports Safety
Are your kids playing sports this fall? Shop our extensive line of recreational first aid kits that are perfect for the sidelines of any sporting event. Our sports first aid kits are equipped with important first aid items such as bandages and cold packs that are perfect for icing a swollen ankle or a pulled muscle.

Some of our backpack style first aid kits make it easy to take first aid items on the go. Our large soft first aid packs are perfect for coaches and teams. They come with over 25 first aid items to be used to treat minor sports injuries so you can get your players back in the game!

Besides kits, we also carry a variety of sports medicine supplies to help athletes improve their performance as well as prevent injuries such as mouth guards, trainers tape, water bottles, muscle rubs and more. is your one stop shop for sports safety!

Classroom Safety
Looking for first aid kits for the classroom? Check out our ANSI compliant first aid kits. They can be mounted right on the wall for easy access and are perfect for classrooms. Our ANSI kits are developed for a specific number of people in mind ranging from 10 persons to 100 persons, so you can pick out the perfect kit for your students.

We also offer an 8 pack assortment of Small Kitchen Kit first aid kits that are perfect for teaching young children about the basics of first aid. These colorful mini first aid kits are perfect for kids and are readily available for the unexpected medical emergency. They include things like kid friendly bandages and stickers to make learning about first aid fun.