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Military First Aid Kit

New Product Highlight: Tactical Trauma IFAK

We’ve talked previously on our blog about IFAKs (and how to build one from our product selection). As you might remember the Military invented the Individual First aid kit to provide soldiers with all of the medical supplies they need to administer medical care on the battlefield. The IFAK differs from the traditional first aid …

How to Wrap a Knee

Knee injuries are a common occurrence, and whether it’s due to a sports injury or just general wear and tear, the proper care and attention can make all the difference in recovery. One essential aspect of Knee care is the way in which it is wrapped. Properly wrapping the knee can provide support and stability, reduce swelling, and alleviate pain. There is a proper way to wrap a knee, and in this article, we will explore the steps to take to ensure that you’re doing it correctly. Let’s dive in and discuss how to give your knee the care it needs.

For a demonstration on how to wrap a knee with an elastic bandage, watch this video from ACE.

When wrapping the knee, it is important to start by applying a cold pack to the area using to limit the blood flow. This will reduce swelling and pain, making the knee easier to wrap.

  1. Begin by wrapping the upper calf just under the knee 2-3 times.
  2. Cross the bandage up diagonally from behind the knee.
  3. Wrap above the knee 2-3 times.
  4. Cross back down behind the knee to the start point.
  5. Wrap the upper calf again.
  6. Cross diagonally up again and finish the wrapping above the knee.
  7. Secure the bandage with the elastic clips or self-adherent
  8. Do not wrap the kneecap with the bandage.

Make sure the bandage is snug, but don’t wrap it so tightly that the bandage is causing discomfort or cutting off blood flow. The goal of wrapping a joint is to restrict, not completely disable, movement, this will help prevent further injury. Wrapping the knee too tightly will cut off blood flow, stopping the damaged tissue from healing, or even causing more damage. Wrapping around the kneecap will apply pressure in the wrong direction, causing more stress on the already damaged joint.  

Why Should You Wrap My Knee?

For minor knee injuries, wrapping a knee with a reusable bandage can be very beneficial by providing the joint with extra support. Depending on the severity of the injury, a bandage wrap can allow for an athlete to continue competing while reducing the risk of making the injury more severe or help provide support while the athlete is recovering. The bandage should allow a slightly limited range of motion while adding support to prevent further damage.

Ace Bandage Wrap

What’s Next?

If you have sustained a knee injury, talk to an athletic trainer or doctor to properly assess the injury, and discuss possible treatment options. Knee injuries are one of the most common sports injuries and can easily end athletic careers if not addressed properly. Knee injuries can range from slight sprains to complete tears of tendons and ligaments, which require extensive surgery and physical therapy. Bringing an injury to your doctor or athletic trainer’s attention will help you get back to competing or exercising as soon as possible.

Prevent and Care for Future Injuries

Don’t wait! Talk to your doctor and care for an injured knee as soon as possible. Knees especially take a lot of abuse throughout the day. The cartilage in the knee absorbs impact when doing things such as running or jumping. Many people opt to participate in “low impact” cardio exercises in order to reduce the risk, or advancement, of knee pain and injury, such as swimming, using an elliptical, cycling, yoga, Pilates, and walking. If you sustain a knee injury, consider talking to your doctor or sports trainer about creating a training plan based around low impact cardio.

A knee wrap and low impact cardio is a fantastic combination that will help you recover without losing your fitness.


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