3 Reasons You’ll Want a First Aid Kit at Your Wedding

When it comes to weddings, we want to control every detail, but that just isn’t possible. Having a first aid kit on hand will help mitigate some unexpected events. Nature and people are unpredictable. It’s best to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature or your mother-in-law may throw your way. Make sure any recounts of mishaps include the phrase, “I’m glad everything turned out ok.” By keeping a medical kit on hand and knowing how to treat non-serious injuries, you can keep your special day in high spirits.

The Uncontrollable and Unpredictable, Fixed with a First Aid Kit

For spring and summer weddings, bees are going to love your lush bouquets and floral perfumes. Usually, bees will be nice, but stings can happen. Having a medical kit on hand will allow you to remove any stingers and reduce the irritation with a sting towelette. If anyone at your party is allergic to bees, make sure there’s at least one epinephrine injector on hand just in case. Young children may also get scared of a bee and take off running, leading to a nasty spill.

High winds can break branches which can stay in the tree and fall at just the wrong time to hurt someone standing below. Make sure to keep an eye out for any potential hazards up above.

If you’re taking equestrian photos, someone may fall getting on or off, especially in restrictive clothing. Horses are also notorious for getting spooked easily, which can easily cause some serious injuries.

If you’re celebrating in a rustic cabin or barn, be prepared for splinters. Tweezers and antiseptic wipes will prevent infections and get people back on the dance floor.

Whether intentional or not, a glass getting broken can easily hurt someone. Being able to address the bleeding quickly and efficiently will make the EMT’s job much easier if necessary.

We’ve all seen a video or two of someone getting hit in the face with a champagne cork. Have some cold compresses and an eye pad at the ready if someone decides to saber the bottle without checking who’s down-range.

Rubbing Alcohol and Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol can be the catalyst for many good stories, but it can also cause some serious wipe-outs. You can easily find hundreds of wedding mishaps involving liquid courage. If your party is serving alcohol, there is likely going to be at least one person who has a little too much. A first aid kit will be perfect for patching them up or anyone else they manage to knock over. Let people celebrate how they choose, but be prepared for when they party a little too hard.

Large Crowds, and How A First Aid Kit Can Help

Large parties and crowded areas are common places to get bumps and bruises. Children especially are prone to getting themselves hurt. Hopefully no dresses or rental tuxes get ruined, and be prepared for a skinned knee or two. Children are notoriously prone to hurting themselves and having a first aid kit on hand is almost a necessity. Some good options for large parties are our professional first aid kits, such as our ANSI compliant kit for 25 people or our portable hospital kit. These kits are designed for the workplace, but are more than capable of handling a soiree injury.

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