Spill Cleanup and Management

Spill cleanup and management is very important when you are dealing with dangerous chemicals or biohazards. It is important to limit exposure for all people and to quickly and carefully get the spill cleaned up completely so there is no contamination of work areas or equipment. You may think that these types are only a concern in industrial or laboratory settings, but in fact anywhere someone can start bleeding can be a biohazard and require a spill cleanup response.

The first and most pressing matter is to limit your own exposure. If you have been directly exposed to the hazard, whether it is blood or some sort of chemical, you need to remove contaminated clothing and wash the area with soap and water. At this point you will need to seek medical attention immediately if that is warranted by your exposure.

After you have taken care of your personal contamination, you can get to work on the rest of the spill cleanup. You will need to wear personal protection equipment to limit any further exposure to the contaminate. For blood and chemicals, you will want to use a solidifier to help make cleanup a little bit easier. By applying a solidifier like Red Z, you can solidify liquids and make them easy to scoop and dispose of. Then you will need to dispose of the waste according to your local and industry guidelines. For more information on spill cleanup, please see this OSHA decontamination from the University of Minnesota and consult your EHS office.