How To Heal An Open Wound Quickly

From time to time we all get injured, and as troubling as that can be, the best way to get through it is by learning the basics of wound care, and making yourself familiar with the best ways to treat injuries when they arise. 

But what exactly are the best ways to treat an open wound, and make it heal as fast as possible? 

The Best Ways To Treat Open Wounds

When it comes to treating an open wound, there are certain things you should do to ensure the best results – in as quick a time – as possible. 

Initial First Aid

The best way to treat any wound is with informed, timely first aid skills – and these can really be beneficial when it comes to improving the condition of a wound and ushering in proper healing as quickly as possible. 

This really begins with maintaining good hygiene – both of yourself, your key living space, and the wound itself.

Bacteria and infections are the best way to turn a wound bad – not to mention drawing out the healing process for longer than it needs to be – and as such, cleanliness really is next to godliness. 

When a wound is bleeding and fresh, then you should always clean it with unscented, pure soap, before washing it with warm running water until the bleeding begins to subside.

Then you should dry it and apply pressure with a clean absorbent cloth or towel until the bleeding has all but stopped. 

This should then be followed by the application of petroleum jelly or ointment to help heal the wound. These are often antibacterial too, which can be great for keeping them clean and safe.

Following this, you should then dress the wound with a bandaid – or a bandage, if the wound is larger. 

Wound Maintenance 

Following this initial dressing, it then becomes important for you to maintain and care for the wound as it heals.

This means keeping it clean, allowing it to breathe from time to time, avoiding picking at any scabs, and changing the dressing regularly with fresh coverings. 

For more serious wounds, or those of a larger size, it is recommended that you change the dressing twice per day – ensuring the wound itself is cleaned in between dressings, and that fresh ointment or cream is applied. 

This is a great way of keeping the wound clean and free from bacteria, and allowing the natural healing processes to work to their full potential without hindrance. 

You also need to ensure you do not pick at any scabs that form, as this can set back the healing process, and literally undo the hard work your body has been doing to heal you. 

Knowing When To Seek Help

It is also important to know when to seek help – especially with deeper wounds of around ¼ inch – as these can seldom be healed quickly at home, and might need stitches or other medicinal aids to allow them to heal quicker and more effectively. 

How To Heal An Open Wound Quickly

The same goes for wounds that have not healed in 2-3 weeks. Depending on the size of the wound, they should generally have healed within 1-2 weeks of the initial incident, but if the healing process takes longer than this time, then it could be a sign that something is not quite right. 

You also need to make yourself aware of infections, and what the signs of these will look like in your particular type of wound.

This can really save you some pain and hardship, and seeking medical attention when these appear is the best way to avoid complications and get back to normal quicker. 

What Else Can Expedite Healing? 

However, there are also some other things you can do at home to help expedite the healing process. 

Good Hygiene

As mentioned above, good hygiene is paramount to good health, and ensuring that you are living clean and free from bacteria is the best way to ensure your immune system is strong, and that you are able to heal as quickly as possible when illness or injury strikes. 

Good Nutrition

Good dietary nutrition is also an important part of building a healthy immune system, as this ensures that all of your bodily systems are working to their full potential.

This means forgoing bad processed foods, alcohol, and tobacco, and focusing on healthier options that are rich in minerals, vitamins, protein, healthy fats, and all the other compounds your body needs to thrive. 

Exercise & Sleep

It is also important to take regular exercise, and get plenty of sleep – as these help your body burn off energy, stay fit, and recharge, respectively. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about open wounds, and the best way to treat and heal them as quickly as possible. 

It’s true that, every once in a while, we all get injured – be it an accident or some unforeseen twist of fate. And while this is troubling for us at the time, knowledge and understanding can make even the worst situations feel a little more manageable. 

So if you want to know the best ways to heal an open wound as quickly as possible, then be sure to check out these handy suggestions!