Youth Sports First Aid Kits

When children partake in activities, especially sports, they tend to tumble and get injured. Being prepared for their specific injuries is key to a quick and full recovery. Having a first aid kit readily available is the first step toward healing the sports injury, however, not all first aid kits have the appropriate medical supplies for the situation. Make sure you’re prepared with the necessary equipment by following this practice:

1. Match the contents for the first aid kit to the sport.
Depending on the sport or activity, the type of injuries and first aid required will be different. Baseball teams experience a lot of bruises, scrapes and sprained ankles; therefore, first aid kits for baseball teams should include cold packs, bandages and elastic bandages. A track team experiences more blisters, pulled muscles and sprains so their first aid kit should include plenty of splints, Band-Aids and elastic bandages. Cross-country teams should definitely have an allergy kit to manage bee stings and all outdoor sports need to have sunscreen handy.

2. Keep a realistic stock of supplies on hand.
Be prepared to treat more than one child at any given event. If treating younger children, remember to keep pediatric doses of medication, especially in liquid form when necessary.

3. Package for easy access.
Keeping the contents of a first aid kit organized makes it not only convenient but also more efficient when it’s necessary. Either clearly mark compartments to the first aid kit or place like items in baggies that are clearly marked. Another way to organize a first aid kit would be to organize by type of injury, such as “wound care” and “allergic reaction.”

General Supplies
There are general supplies that all sports first aid kits should contain. Make sure after using any of the contents of a first aid kit to replenish and check the expiration dates for products regularly.

• Gauze Pads
• Antiseptic Wipes
• Rolled Gauze
• Elastic Bandages
Antibiotic Ointment
• Medical Tape
• Scissors
• Sting Relief Medication
• Cold Packs
• Gloves

A copy of all medical release forms should be kept in the first aid kit as well. The medical forms should have emergency information for all the children on the sports team, including parent/guardian information, primary care physician and any allergies.

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What Should A Sports First Aid Kit Contain?

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