5 Tips for Staying Warm During Outdoor Activities This Winter

With temperatures already dropping in the northeast and across the country, we are preparing for winter here in Rochester. While no one likes to see the warm weather go, the change of season brings new outdoor activities. But as winter sets in, it is important to stay warm and comfortable while outside. What are the best ways to keep warm in the long winter months ahead when you are enjoying outdoor winter activities? We have compiled a few tips and tricks here to get you prepared for the cold ahead.

Family with Snowman

  1. Layering

Dressing appropriately for being outdoors is important to ensure comfort all day. It is best to wear many thin layers instead of one really bulky layer, because this makes it easy to adjust what you are wearing for maximum comfort. By adding or removing a small layer, it ensures that as the day goes on, you can maintain the right level of warmth. Wearing a t-shirt with a sweater or a fleece then a windproof jacket will allow you to be comfortable in almost any condition.

  1. Quick and intense physical activity that does not cause you to sweat

If you are outside for a long period of time, an old trick is to do some pushups or jumping jacks to increase blood flow to your muscles and to help to warm you up. Though, it is important to remember to not exercise enough that you break a sweat. If you are sweating, once you stop exercising, this can lead to a chill. A quick round of 15 pushups or 20 jumping jacks should help to make you warm enough.

  1. Proper Types of Clothing

There are many different types of outdoor clothing, but the most important thing to remember is to not wear cotton when it might get wet. Fleece or wool will still keep you warm even if the fibers become wet where as cotton will not. By avoiding cotton, especially in contact with your skin, you will be able to stay warm at all times. Also, wearing a wind resistant jacket over all of your other layers helps to protect you from wind and water. Staying dry is an important step to staying warm.

  1. Hand warmers/ Foot warmers

When the temperatures really drop, sometimes you need all the help you can get to stay warm. Adding chemically activated hand warmers to your gloves and foot warmers to your boots, it helps to enhance your body’s warmth. Check them out here. These last 8 hours and give your body and artificial heat source that you can take with you. It’s like propping your feet up by the fire all day long!

  1. Wear a hat

Your mom always told you to wear a hat when you are out in the winter, and turns out she actually was right. A majority of your body heat will escape through your head and keeping in as much of that heat as possible will help you to stay warmer longer. A knit or wool hat is a great choice to keep all that warmth in.

We hope you stay warm and enjoy all your outdoor activities this winter!

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