Boat Safety: Marine First Aid Kits


Our first aid kits are custom-designed for whatever life may bring. From pet injury kits to disaster preparedness kits, we do the research to make sure we’re supplying exactly what you need.

MarineFirstAidKitsWith the warmer months upon us, boat owners are prepping for launch on the water and one thing you shouldn’t forget is safety. E-FirstAidSupplies has a fully developed line of 20+ marine first aid kits, from the Sportsman First Aid Kit perfect for a small day boat to the Coastal Cruising First Aid Kit designed for up to ten crew members at sea.

“Our Daypack Kit is the first aid kit of choice at every coast guard port in the United States.”

Ensuring your boat holds the appropriate first aid kit is just one step in water safety for your passengers. Other key boat safety tips include:

Weather Awareness
Always stay current on upcoming weather before and during a trip. Bring a radio and GPS system in case of emergency.

Take a Boat Safety Course
Check within your local community for available courses. Not only will you educate yourself on current rules and regulations, you’ll be more prepared to handle any situation you and your passengers may face while out on the water.

Have a Float Plan
A float plan is crucial to being prepared for an emergency situation–and it doesn’t just apply to those with large boats. Jet skiers, kayakers, rowers, and sail boaters alike should all follow this procedure. A float plan includes names and contact info of all passengers, port location, available communication devices, schedule, and distress signals on hand. This information improves speed and success of a rescue mission.

Boat Safety Check
The U.S. Coast Guard provides free vessel safety checks. Take advantage of this service before you kick of your summer of boating!


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