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Unitized Medical Supplies

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Image of Unitized Burn Cream (10/bx)
Unitized Burn Cream (10/bx)

Image of Unitized Eyewash (1 oz.)
Unitized Eyewash (1 oz.)

Image of Aspirin Unitized 325 MG.Tablets (25/2 packs)
Aspirin Unitized 325 MG.Tablets (25/2 packs)

Image of Antibiotic Cream .9 Gram (10/bx)
Antibiotic Cream .9 Gram (10/bx)

Image of Unitized Sting Relief Wipes (10/box)
Unitized Sting Relief Wipes (10/box)

Image of Unitized Adhesive Tape 1/2" x 2-1/2 yds. (2/box)
Unitized Adhesive Tape 1/2" x 2-1/2 yds. (2/box)

Image of Extra Large Fabric Bandages 1-3/4
Extra Large Fabric Bandages 1-3/4" x 4" (6/bx)

Image of Unitized Adhesive Bandages 1" x 3" (16/box)
Unitized Adhesive Bandages 1" x 3" (16/box)

Image of Unitized Antiseptic Towelettes 5
Unitized Antiseptic Towelettes 5" x 7" (10/box)

Image of Certi-Mix Antiseptic Assortment (26/box)
Certi-Mix Antiseptic Assortment (26/box)

Image of Triangular Bandage
Triangular Bandage

Image of Unitized Gauze Compress 4"
Unitized Gauze Compress 4"

Unitized Medical Supplies for Simplicity and Affordability

Unitized medical supplies are supplies that are individually wrapped for the ultimate in sterile medicine. Being unitized means even less of a chance of germs spreading or cross contamination. Whether you need a package of bandages, aspirin or adhesive tape, each is individually packaged and ready to go. Our unitized medical supplies are affordable and easy to open, making it easier for any nurse or doctor to help their patient quickly and safely.

  • Value: e-first aid Supplies is dedicated to providing unitized medical supplies that are competitively priced and of the highest quality available. Whether you purchase one or several items available, youíll receive the best value at the best price.

  • Quality e-first aid Supplies unitized medical supplies are available in brand names including Pac-Kit and Certi-Mix. Brands that you know and trust are available at the quantity and price you need.

  • Selection: e-first aid Supplies has a wide selection of unitized medical supplies to suit the need of every ER and doctors office in the country. Relieve your patientís pain with aspirin and rinse out their eyes with an eye flush and dressing pack. Wire splints, gauze pads and adhesive bandages are all here as well, equally sterile and of top quality. All of these products and others are here to help you provide the best in safe, sterilized medical care to your patients.