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Rescue Tools

Necessary Survival Tools

Do you have the essential survival tools? It may be easy to think “this will never happen to me” but you never know when and where disaster may strike. Being prepared is the best way to protect you and your family during times of emergency. Also, Fieldtex understands that in today’s tough economy, families are budgeting more than ever before which is why we offer superior tools at prices you can afford. Be prepared when disaster strikes and stock up on our selection of survival tools today!

  • Supplies: Our selection of survival tools are affordable, easy to store and incredibly handy in the case of an emergency. Whether you’re looking for a simple distress flag or a more complex 4 in 1 Emergency Tool, you can be sure to find the right supplies for your home in our store.

  • Value: We only offer survival tools of the finest quality because we know you and your family’s lives may depend on these tools. Additionally we make sure to price these items within a family’s budget therefore you can’t afford not to be prepared!

  • Quality: When faced with a survival situation there is no substitute for quality. We find the highest quality tools at the best prices because we understand that when the situation is life or death your tools have to work

    In addition to these survival tools, you may also be interested in viewing our disaster preparedness kits which provide necessary supplies such as food, water, blankets and sanitation items.