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Pet First Aid Kits

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Image of Pet First Aid Guide
Pet First Aid Guide

Will you be ready when your pet has an injury?

Pet first aid kit are a must have if you are a pet owner. While a majority of the time spent with your pet will be in your home or very close by, your pet will be most at risk when you are away from the house either at a dog park or out for a run. When you are away from the house you are going to want to have some basic medical supplies you can use on your four legged friend, whenever they are experiencing discomfort or in need of medical attention.

Pets can get Injured just like humans, and being prepared for any injury or health complication is necessary to keep your beloved cat or dog healthy and safe. The contents of a pet first aid kit may range from a simple selection of bandages and ointment to a full kit that includes specific products such as eye cleaner and splints.

All of our pet first aid kits are assembled in-house with quality first aid products specifically for your cat or dog. No two pets or budgets are the same so we offer a variety of pet first aid kits to fit both your budget and your needs. The Humane Society recommends that you have a pet first aid kit available and specifically for your pet stocked and filled with the right products at all times because you never know when you’re going to need them.