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Sannytize Instant Hand Sanitizer Wipes (100/bx)
  • Product Specifications:

    Brand: Dynarex

    Dimensions: 5 in. x 8 in.
    • Sannytize Instant Hand Sanitizer Wipes (100/bx)

      Part #: 922-00022bx100

    • $5.60


    • Limit the spread of Covid and other communicable diseases. These generous 5" x 8" Hand Sanitizer Wipes controls provide fast and effective sanitizing of the hands and pubically touched surfaces. SannyTize wipes are textured to grab dirt and grime easily and are saturated with 70% ethyl alcohol. they also contains aloe to help soothe and moisturize the skin from the drying effect of the ethyl alcohol. Ideal for schools, travel bags, retail, churches, clinics they are an easy travel companion.
      Sannytize Instant Hand Sanitizer wipes eliminates 99% of many common harmful germs and bacteria!

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