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GoodSense Eye Drops Irritation Relief 0.5 oz.
  • Product Specifications:

    Shipping Weight: 0.07 pounds

    Brand: GoodSense

    • GoodSense Eye Drops Irritation Relief 0.5 oz.

      Part #: 922-90588

    • $3.25


    • Provides temporary relief for redness and irritation of the eye and for use as a protectant against further irritations. These eye drops moisturize and work to clear irritants out of the eye. This makes them great for clearing out oil and dirt, relieving dry eyes from allergies or from exposure to the wind. The astringent works to contract the eye tissues, causing any foreign materials to be pushed away/out of the eye. Keep this bottle of eyedrops in a bag or in a first aid kit for easy access. Eye irritation can happen anywhere at any time, so having eye drops near by is always a great idea.

      Active Ingredients: Tetrahydrozoline HCI .5%-Redness Reliever. Zinc Sulfate .25%-Astringent

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