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Emergency Israeli 6" Bandage
  • Product Specifications:

    Shipping Weight: 0.50 pounds

    Brand: Performance Systems

    • Emergency Israeli 6" Bandage

      Part #: 922-00254

    • $8.60


    • The Emergency Bandage, or Israeli Dressing is a sterile trauma wound dressing designed to stop traumatic wounds from hemorrhaging. It was nicknamed the “Israeli Bandage” by American soldiers since its inventor was an Israeli military medic named Bernard Bar-Natan.

      This bandage combines the qualities of an elastic bandage, non-adhering gauze pads, a pressure applicator, and a quick closure bar to control bleeding in emergency situations. Israeli bandages are easy to apply, and their pressure applicator and pressure bar allow for pressure to be applied directly to the wound instead of the entire limb like a tourniquet. This makes them incredibly safe and effective at handling severe bleeding.

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