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Ear Care

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Image of Ear Wax Remover .5 oz
Ear Wax Remover .5 oz

Image of Swim-Ear Ear Drops 1 oz
Swim-Ear Ear Drops 1 oz

Image of Debrox Ear Drops Earwax Removal Aid .5 oz
Debrox Ear Drops Earwax Removal Aid .5 oz

The Best Top Quality Ear Care Solutions

Fieldtex Products Inc. offers many different products for ear care. There are many different methods to remove wax build-up in the ear canal. With proper care and quality products, cleaning your ears is simple and virtually painless. You should have your ears checked on a regular basis. Protect your ears from loud noises with our ear plugs and while outdoors ensure that you use sunscreen.

Ear wax is the earís mechanism for self cleaning. If you have wax build up that impairs your hearing see your physician. Never use bobby pins or sharp pointed objects to clean your ears. These types of object may injure the ear canal.