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Personal Protection Kit - One Month Supply
  • Product Specifications:

    Brand: Fieldtex Products

    • Personal Protection Kit - One Month Supply

      Part #: 911-20172

    • $13.99


    • Personal Protection Kit with One Month Supply - As COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease, its still important to keep yourself and those around you safe. Thats why we created the Back to Work Personal Protection Kit. This kit comes with a month supply of PPE items to keep you safe as you transiiton back to the workplace.  The masks and hand sanitizer are Made In the USA.  

      Supply Assortment:

      20 protective face masks
      20 hand sanitizer .9 gram packets
      20 alcohol wipes
      **2 pairs of gloves** (We also included some gloves for trips to the supermarket, gas station, etc.)