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Blood Clotting

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Image of Blood Clotting Spray 3 oz.
Blood Clotting Spray 3 oz.

Blood Clotting Agents

Certain wounds cannot stop bleeding without the assistance of a product that promotes blood clotting. e-first aid Supplies has a selection of ointments and antiseptics that can stop extensive bleeding as well as seal the wound. Extensive bleeding through injuries such as cuts from shaving or a nose bleed can benefit from products that will stop the symptom. To further treat cuts once the bleeding has been brought down to a manageable amount, bandages are necessary.

  • Value: The low priced hemostatic products available from e-first aid Supplies allows blood clotting multiple times or for serious injuries. The product you select for your hemostatic needs is an invaluable tool to have in any first aid kit.

  • Quality: Excessive bleeding may cause dangerous medical complications and it is therefore necessary to stop it in order to prevent further complications. e-first aid Supplies has name brand products, such as Celox, Medi-first, and Nosebleed QR, that are trusted names in blood clotting agents.

  • Selection: e-first aid Supplies provides hemostatic products in the form of a spray to stop bleeding on typical cuts. Some injuries cannot simply be solved by the use of a bandage. e-first aid Supplies offers products to ensure healthy repair of cuts and scrapes.