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Image of Medi-First Antacid (250/bx)
Medi-First Antacid (250/bx)

Image of Medique Alcalak Antacid Tablets 2 pk (250/bx)
Medique Alcalak Antacid Tablets 2 pk (250/bx)

Image of Medique Diotame Anti-Diarrheal Tablets (250/bx)
Medique Diotame Anti-Diarrheal Tablets (250/bx)

Image of Medique Medi-Meclizine <br>Motion Sickness Relief (500/bx)
Medique Medi-Meclizine
Motion Sickness Relief (500/bx)


Stomach Antacids

Antacids are medicines that work by increasing the pH balance in your stomach. When the acidity level in your stomach drops below 2 or 3, you may start to feel indicators such as heart burn and gastritis. Antacids are designed to quickly relieve the symptoms associated with occasional heartburn, indigestion, gastritis etc. by increasing the pH level up to 3 or 4. It is very important to remember that stomach antacids should always be used as directed and never for prolonged periods of time. e-first aid Supplies offers over twenty varieties of antacids including calcium antacids and magnesium antacid.

  • Value: We offer quality, competitively priced antacids to meet your needs when heart burn or other irritating symptoms occur. Avoid long lines, crowded shelves and mobs of people by purchasing your over the counter antacids with us!

  • Quality: Our company brings you name brand antacids such as Tums, Alka-Seltzer, Beano, Pepcid, Prilosec and many more. These top quality antacids provide you the relief you need when heartburn or other symptoms persist.

  • Selection: Whether you are looking for aluminum, sodium, calcium or magnesium based antacids, we have you covered. Browse through our great selection to find the right antacid for your body.

  • Remember that when taking antacids, moderation is key. Always use them as directed to reduce the chance of experiencing significant side-effects. If antacids are not providing you quick relief, consult a doctor. If you are experiencing different symptoms, browse through our medicine cabinet where you may find a better treatment.