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S3 T5000 Hard Case (Yellow) *Clearance*
  • S3 T5000 Hard Case (Yellow) *Clearance*

    Part #: 988-20550

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  • $25.99


  • Shipping Weight: 3.58 pounds

    Brand: S3

  • This is the second in our line for GoPro camera cases. It is set up to hold two cameras plus accessories. In the recording industry, this custom case is great for condenser mics. In the world of satellite phones, foam case inserts are waterjet-cut out of 2lb polyethylene to hold the phones securely in the case and provide ultimate protection.

    • 35mm Camera
    • Binoculars
    • Dive Mask
    • Fishing Reels
    • Handheld Electronics
    • Med Kit
    • Scientific Equipment
    • Studio Condenser Mic
    • Two Way Radio
    • Video Accessories
    • Video Camera

      Inside Dimensions: 9.37″ long - 7.34″ wide - 6.08″ deep

      Depth Rating: 3 Feet for 30 minutes