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Fast Freeze Cold Sleeve- X-Large

Fast Freeze Cold Sleeve- X-Large


    Code: 922-90569
    UPC: 038481012984
    Brand: Fast Freeze
    Shipping Weight: 3.24 pounds


    The X-Large Fast Freeze Cold Sleeve fits limb circumferences between 21-28 inches. This cold therapy product provides comfort for the following problems: Arthritis, Carpel tunnel syndrome, edema, joint tension, planter fasciitis, Sensitive surgery recovery, sprains, surgery recovery, and tennis elbow. The cold sleeve is easy to use - it rolls on without straps, stays soft, and won't freeze.
    To use, refrigerate or freeze for two or more hours. Gently knead to soften before use. Always place insulating compression sleeve or equivalent over limb or treatment area. Gently roll the sleeve over the limb to the desired position. Remove pack after 20 minutes or if becomes uncomfortable. Package comes with 1 gel sleeve and one insulating compression sleeve.
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