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Head-Neck Hot & Cold Reusable Compress Pad (Clearance)

Head-Neck Hot & Cold Reusable Compress Pad  (Clearance)


    Code: 922-10967
    UPC: 775965931156
    Brand: MediTemp
    Shipping Weight: 1.47 pounds


    Heat Therapy is generally long-term care, and is applied to chronic or persistent injuries such as minor muscle and joint pain, stiffness, muscle spasm, and cramps. Cold Therapy is generally a more short term care, and is the recognized medical treatment for everyday minor injuries and generally applied within 72 hours following sprains, strains, swelling, headaches, nose bleeds, toothaches, minor cuts and scrapes, insect bites and minor injuries. This compress is reusable, non-toxic, microwave safe, washable, flexible when frozen, one size fits most.
    Gel pack size is 3.5"x22.5". Includes 1 Hot & Cold Gel Pack with Insulated Sleeve and Secure Fastener.
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