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HeartSine Adult Pad-Pak

HeartSine Adult Pad-Pak


    Code: 922-00589
    UPC: FME-18860
    Brand: HeartSine
    Shipping Weight: 0.00 pounds


    This Adult (Gray) Pad-Pak is for patients >8 years & 55 lbs.

    Contains a battery and 1 set of adult defibrillation pads in an "all-in-one" system cartridge, with only 1 expiry date to monitor. Each unit enables a Samaritan PAD unit to provide >6 hours of continuous monitoring or 30 shocks. The Samaritan PAD will provide a prompt when battery power is down to 10 shocks or less. Each Pak is rated for 3.5 years of use (both pads and batteries) from date of manufacture.

    Electrode pads are contained inside an innovative Pad-Pak, and are accessible by pulling the green tab.