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Knee Taping Kit

Knee Taping Kit


    Code: 911-10985
    UPC: 769544109852
    Brand: Fieldtex
    Shipping Weight: 0.89 pounds
    Dimensions: 8"W x 10"H
    (bag with supplies)


    This personal kit, designed by a certified athletic trainer, includes adherent wipes, tapes, underwrap, scissors and detailed step by step instructions complete with photos.
    This kit should be used to treat injuries such as common sports injuries such as shin splints, an unstable knee, hamstring pain, and more.

    Supply Assortment

    • 1 Trainer’s Cloth Non-Stretch Tape 1.5" x 15yds.
    • 1 Foam Underwrap 2.75" x 30yds.
    • 1 Lightweight Elastic Stretch Tape 3" x 7.5yds.
    • 1 Heavyweight Cotton Stretch Tape 3" x 5 yds.
    • 1 Lister Scissors 5.5"
    • 8 Skin-Prep Pre-Taping Adherent Wipes

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