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Bio Hazard Clean-up Kits

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Image of Cleanup/Personal Protection Kit
Cleanup/Personal Protection Kit

Image of Dual BBP Spill Kit
Dual BBP Spill Kit

Image of Germ Protection Kit
Germ Protection Kit

Image of Sharps 5 QT. Container/Locking Cabinet
Sharps 5 QT. Container/Locking Cabinet

Bio Hazard Cleanup Kits

Bio hazard cleanup kits are an absolute necessity around dangerous and toxic chemical situations. It is imperative that a hazardous cleanup situation is properly managed through safety products. Fieldtex spill clean-up kits include items from e-first aid Supplies to contain infectious spills as well as protect people from exposure. A proper bio hazard clean up kit will not only contain the spill but also safely dispose of the dangerous material. Fieldtex has an assortment of three different bio hazard cleanup kits to cater to your specific needs.

  • Quality: In a bio hazard crisis situation it is imperative to have the highest quality emergency supplies available. Dependable e-first aid Supplies stock Fieldtex bio hazard kits that each are specifically selected to aid in a bio hazard emergency spill.

  • Selection: Fieldtex offers several sizes of kits with a wide range of supplies to clean up bio hazard spills including a Personal protection kit, a universal precaution kit, and a dual cleanup kit for larger spills.

  • Value: Being prepared for a bio hazard spill is imperative in any situation that they may occur as they can cause irrevocable damage to others. Cleanup of a bio hazard incident can be successfully implemented with the right e-first aid Supplies safety products.

  • Being prepared for dangerous spills is necessary in any situation with harmful toxins. Specific Fieldtex first aid kits are useful tools to have on hand in case of an unexpected incident.