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Treck Rescue Tool

Treck Rescue Tool


    Code: 922-90772
    Brand: Treck
    Shipping Weight: 2.30 pounds


    The TRECK is a safer and faster alternative to trauma shears, specifically designed by EMT's paramedics and Firefighters, to simultaneously remove multiple layers of clothing, racing uniforms, leathers, turnouts gear and other obstructions from a patients, without the use of trauma shears. Shears can and sometimes do fail, and ripping can be a mess or not an option with some materials. The Treck works best as you draw it away from the patient, which prevents contact, and also allows the treck to slice through materials more effectively. Access wounds quickly, safely and easily.

    Cuts leather, thick jackets, belts, hazmat suits, heavy uniforms, turnout gear.

    Use The Treck when truama shears just don't cut it. Proudly made in the USA
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